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It’s never too early to “Fail proof” your family’s future.

Income Protection, Savings, Retirement Plan, Education funding plan, Health Plans – Are you ready for these life expenses?

Knowledge is key which opens the door to any possibility. So before you can even begin to think of being “financially free” one must first be financially educated.

The owners, Victoria and Paolo Cotejar, both licensed insurance agents of AXA Philippines, the #1 Global Leader in Insurance, advocate financial literacy and hosts free financial planning talks and seminars. Interested to know further?

Check out the dates below for any upcoming financial seminars or if you’d like to have a more intimate talk, feel free to message below.

There’s a need for the Filipino’s to be “properly” financially educated. We wouldn’t have to have it so hard had we known our options – sadly, the reality is that this is not made readily available to all. In line with my advocacy of helping the community, financial literacy weighs heavily for me. I just keep thinking that if only I had known earlier, I could have started earlier or if only my family knew then, it wouldn’t be so hard now. And so I have made it my personal mission to educate my fellow countrymen. I’m willing to meet up with anybody who is willing to invest their time to listening and being educated.

-Victoria Cotejar

My only regret is not knowing about the investments in life insurance sooner and because of that I will make it a point to share to everyone so they won’t have to feel the regret I did.

-Paolo Cotejar

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