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Hey! Hey!

We’ve got a podcast!

MDB Talks is our own version of a podcast – where we check in with friends and family and other people too to see what life has been like for them during this COVID-19 pandemic.

While we there has been a lot of changes since the pandemic started, from a strict lockdown, to different stages of community quarantine, it seems the stay at home order is taking a toll on everyone – Mentally, financially, physically, emotionally – so having this avenue of being able to check in and see how everyone’s doing and what we can do to help is our aim.

Whether it’s just talking about how COVID-19 has affected them, or feel good talks, and even promoting what business they’re engaging in at the moment! MDB talks is an avenue to share any information that can be relatable or useful for all and to get that much needed human interaction, even if it is virtually done 😊

MDB Talks with Joan Valerie Lim-Tan | Becoming a “bakester” during the pandemic and supporting her 3 year old “Home model”

MDB Talks with Mary Gracelyn “Dolly” Marte-Wenceslao

MDB Talks with Jehann Cabanes | David Sweet Treats

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