MommyDaddyBaby.org is a free online community that allows every Filipino mommy and daddy to get any parenting information they need – a community where individuals can interact and freely discuss – from wanting to know what pregnancy is like, best practices and/or tips and tricks, to know what and/or where’s the best place to go with infants/toddlers.

Seeing as there was a lack of interactive parenting communities available in the Philippines, specifically in Cebu, the inspiration to create this site was born.

-Thinking of starting a family?
-Looking for pregnancy advice and stories to read about?
-Perhaps a certain type of equipment you’re in need of but don’t know where to get it?
-Are you looking for certain home remedies?
-Maybe you’d like to know the best places to bring your family with infants and/or toddlers to that’s completely family friendly?
– Or are you looking to chat with fellow Mommy’s and daddy’s online?

Whatever it may be, as long as it’s a mommy, daddy, and baby thing, this is the community for you!

I, myself, had a hard time getting access to information I needed. Although google helps, ’cause you can basically research anything now a days, parent-to-parent interaction would be more useful. To be able to hear from a parent, novice or experienced, would really be easier and definitely more relatable. Especially if it’s a parent who’s in the community. There’s a chance to learn more from actual discussions rather than just reading an article that may or may not apply to your situation.

– Victoria S. Cotejar

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