Being a parent can be nerve wracking and even if Google is around to answer things, we still look for someone to empathize with. Reading stories from real people somehow puts us at ease – precisely why we decided to build this community resource page.

Whether you want to read something relatable, to look for answers, or to share your own story, you’re more than welcome to do so and we encourage you to!

The more we share the more resource there is out there for parents to have access to.

-Thinking of starting a family?
-Looking for pregnancy advice and stories to read about?
-Perhaps a certain type of equipment you’re in need of but don’t know where to get it?
-Are you looking for certain home remedies?
-Maybe you’d like to know the best places to bring your family with infants and/or toddlers to that’s completely family friendly?
– Or are you looking to chat with fellow Mommy’s and daddy’s online?

If it’s a mommy, daddy, and/or baby thing – we’re here for you ❤️

When I was pregnant, I had a hard time looking for exactly what it is that I needed.  Although google helps, ’cause you can basically research anything now a days, parent-to-parent interaction would be more useful. I realized that all my anxiety was born from all the uncertainty – but as soon as I started reading blog posts from actual parents or even posts on facebook from friends who are already parents, I felt more at ease. I now have a ton of resource from my own experience and would love to share these with parents everywhere.

– Victoria S. Cotejar


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