MDB Talks with Giovie Lynn “Gel” Cartagenas | Las Posas Bridal Robes & Kids Ark Educational Toys

Back at it with another episode of MDB Talks! ❤️

In this episode, we invited Gel who runs a bridal robes business, La Sposa Bridal Robes and Kids Ark Educational Toys. She shares how COVID-19 has impacted – not just hers- but her family’s business as well.

But she’s definitely been busy despite the pandemic! From ensuring that her employees are still well taken care of, to opening up a new business amidst all this, and being a happy and present mom to her 18 month old! Things may have slowed down for business but it seems it has brought her and her family closer to each other and to God.

Check out her business! ✨🔗

Kids Ark Educational Toys –…

Some of her products – great for those doing remote learning/homeschooling or to get the kids excited to learn!

Kids Ark Educational Toys Shop
Kids Are Educational Toys Shop

La Sposa Bridal Robes –…

La Sposa Bridal Robes

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