2nd Pregnancy with a toddler

Man, oh, man.

Here I am at 33 weeks and 4 days, nearing the end of this pregnancy. With this pregnancy, it somehow seems to be taking longer than my last (I know, I know, all pregnancies are 9 months) – There’s just so much that has happened this time (and not really for the best, to point that out) that I’m really looking forward to just getting this over with!

Although, This journey has also been quite unique as it has showed me so much of my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise realised or experienced.

One of those – is that I’m able to see how my 3 year old is around me while I’m pregnant. Our darling daughter has really followed through with the mannerisms my husband and I portray and what goes around in our household and also from what we’ve been teaching her.

As this pregnancy has been really rough, she has seen all my “bad days” – from vomiting, to hardly being able to move, difficulty drinking and eating, and even being hospitalised – and she has seen how her dad has taken care of me throughout this entire endeavour. Whenever I’d start to feel like vomiting or act up, my husband would hold my hair or get me a barf bag or help me to the bathroom and at the end of it all ask if I was okay or needed anything – and soon enough my daughter would try and do the same thing – starting with asking me “Oh, mommy, are you okay?” and try to pat my back and hold my hair and at the end say things like “It’s okay, mommy. It’s okay” – sweetest little girl ever!

I’ve always appreciated how my husband would really tend to me but there’s just this extra level of gratitude I feel seeing our daughter be like that, and more!, too. At this stage of my pregnancy, I’ve gotten a lot better but my daughter has only grown to be even more considerate of me – and her baby sister! She loves to feel the baby’s movements, talk to her and even kiss her 😘.

We’ve never been shy with explaining to her about her baby sister – how she’s growing inside mommy, how she can hear as we hear, and that she’s coming very soon.  This much I’ll say, it really pays to be patient and honest with her. Really giving the time to explain things as she gets curious and making her understand – it has made everything so much easier as she naturally acts accordingly to every situation ❤️.

I’m now just hoping and praying that labor and delivery will be quick and smooth so I won’t have to be away from our 3 year old for too long  🤞🏻❤️.

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Written by : Victoria

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