Financial Literacy | How to / Ways to start saving

Let’s talk about Debt, Spending, and more importantly SAVINGS.

Don’t have savings? or even an emergency fund? Best to get started now!

Let’s talk about something serious.

Something a lot of us Filipinos don’t really talk about – or don’t really want to, which is – Saving, being in debt – Financial literacy.

At the end of this video, there are only 2 ways you’ll come out feeling from this.

You’ll either :
1) Feel good about yourself for not falling into and being the “typical” pinoy saver or
2) Feel guilty or sad that one of these, or all of these, apply to you. Relate?

But hopefully, this’ll help change your situation or make it better!

First step is always realization. Check out the video below and let’s get to it to start saving!


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Written by : Victoria


2 thoughts on “Financial Literacy | How to / Ways to start saving

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    1. Hi There!

      Glad you found this helpful 🙂 Feel free to share your thoughts on Financial Literacy or any tips on saving.


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