5 ways to keep your 1-3+ year old kid entertained/occupied (indoors) – No videos/digital media required!

Writing this in the year 2018 is giving me so much mixed feelings. Which is giving me more reason to write and post this!

Okay Mommies, Daddies, Uncles, Aunt’s, Godfather’s, Godmother’s, Neighbors, man/woman on the street, Facebook peeps (especially you keyboard warriors and FBI’s – Face Book Investigators), Tweeters, and basically every person reading this right now, before I get into the actual How-To, I want you all to know that being a parent isn’t an easy feat. and that there IS NO ONE – RIGHT WAY to parenting. This world has too much “opinions” and a lot are uncalled for. So if you decide to continue on reading – know that I am not, at all, against using videos or social media as a means of entertainment for children. However, it should be limited and supervised but because it’s 2018 I wanted to write this (type, actually) to let all parents know that there are alternatives and that we all have a choice. Just because this, or like a lot of similar articles, exist – doesn’t mean that, in any way, you should follow this or feel pressured to. What matters most is that you and your family is happy and that your children are benefiting from that happiness and the love surrounding ❤️

Alrightttttt – enough of the seriousness. Let’s get to the real deal!

If you’re a work from home parent, like I am, then the need to keep your kids entertained while you’re working is a real need! And while in this day and age, it isn’t “uncommon” to use YouTube videos, or other kinds of digital entertainment, it isn’t always healthy and beneficial for them. And so me and my husband decided to get creative and found non-digitalized ways to keep our 1 year old happy and entertained.

Even if it’s just a good 10 minutes to get a good bathroom break (leaving the bathroom door open, of course!) Or 30 minutes to do some good home cooking, or an hour or more to just sit back and re-charge, it’d be great to get a moment to ourselves to do the things we need to do and have our kids pre-occupied with something for awhile.

So without further ado, here’s 5 ways to keep your kids entertained/occupied (indoors) without the use of videos or digital entertainment:

  • Box of Creativity and Imagination

What you’ll need:

– A Big Box
– Jumbo, Non Toxic Crayons

1. Get yourself a box big enough for your little one to get into (like a balikbayan box)

2. add in some Non-toxic jumbo crayons.

3. Put your little one in and watch them go at it!

This one’s a great activity for them since it’ll allow them to get creative and imaginative while in it – Saves you from having them color the walls or floor too!

Since i’ve introduced this to my daughter this has become a “looked for” activity every time she wakes up. This keeps her busy for an average of 30 minutes to an hour or more! (depends on how creative she’s feeling). So While I’m working, she’s right by my side coloring away or drawing something up. This is a great time to introduce drawing shapes too!

Bonus tip: add in a few non-sharp toys for her to get busy with in it! It’ll keep her in longer 😉

Check out or Facebook post to see how it’ll look like! Click on this Link 

  • Shake it and solve!

What you’ll need:

– Empty Cereal box (as much as you want or can find)
– Masking Tape (The white tearable tape)
–  Colorful Jumbo Jigsaw Puzzle / Puzzle Pieces
– OPTIONAL : Velcro Tape (Hook-and-loop fastener)

1. With your empty cereal boxes, Tape the bottom end with your masking tape and make sure it’s sealed well. Hopefully, your cereal boxes haven’t been ripped at the top so it can still close (since cereal boxes can be closed) but if it’s been ripped, you can tape and add in velcro tape (look it up on google if you’re not sure what this is) so you can still close it.

2. Add in your colorful Jumbo jigsaw puzzle pieces.

3. Close it and shake it and give it to your kids.

It’s Fun to shake and when the pieces come out – the wonderful colors will keep them attracted to the boxes and everything in it! And when they get old enough to figure it out – they can start solving them!

Bonus Tip : You can cover the cereal boxes with colored paper or keep it white so they can also draw on them 😁

  • Swimming pit balls

What you’ll need :

– Inflatable Swimming pool (can be as big as you want or as small)
– Pump for your inflatable swimming pool (usually comes free or can be purchased where you buy your inflatable swimming pool)
– Colorful pit balls

1. Inflate your swimming pool with the pump.

2. Add in the colorful pit balls

Once yo’ve set that up, place them in and watch them play! Who doesn’t love a good pool of colorful pit balls? You know you want to get in too, mommies and daddies!

Note: It’s important to get an inflatable swimming pool and not those ready to open/use swimming palls because the inflatable ones are soft and more safe. Remember, kids move a lot and like to stand and fall a lot – so it wouldn’t hurt them to fall in an inflatable pool than it would to other kinds.

Bonus Tip: on a hot day, fill it up with water! (of course, lessen the balls but keep some in there!) Now I’m sure you’re going to want to get in there with your little one 😉

  • Pick it up and Pack away!

What you’ll need:

– A large shoe rack
– Colorful open storage bins
– Lots of toys for organizing

1. Set up your large shoe rack.

2. Place your colorful open storage bins on each level of the shoe rack.

3. Have all the toys ready in front of it.

Kids can be playful and tidy too, you know! I realized that as much as my daughter likes to play with them – when she sees storage places, she likes to put them in them too! So here’s a great “cleaning learning exercise”. Of course, at the start – you’re going to have to supervise them by showing them how to pick it up and then pack it away! Colorful bins help and makes it much more fun to pack away her toys 😊

Check out or Instagram post to see how it’ll look like! Click on this Link 

  • Eat it well … or not!

What you’ll need:

– Optional : Baby High Chair/seat
– Infant/toddler spoon and fork
– Non-slip eating tray/plate/bowl
– Bib
– Their food!

1. During meal time, have your child seated comfortably

2. Place the food in front of them and let them start feeding themselves.

You may want to do this activity at home and not while you’re eating out. When your child can hold up a spoon and fork – it’s the best time to let them start learning how to feed themselves! It’s fun for them, gets them fed, and they usually take a while!

Now mommies, especially the mommies, I know how watching them get dirty and messy can get “cringe worthy” but they have to learn! besides, what’s a little (or a lot, actually!) mess worth to get a few moments to eat properly, right? It helps if you eat with them too in one table. Family meals are best shared together ❤

Bonus Tip: Ready your cameras! There’s going to be a lot you’re going to want to document 😀

And there you have it! Of course, the list can go on and on and on! but these are great to start with 🙂 And the older your kids will get there’ll be different ways to get them entertained as well.

If you found this helpful, please share with your mommy and daddy friends! Or if you have anything else you want to share, feel free to comment them down below!

Thanks for reading! Peace and love to everyone ❤️✨

Written by : Victoria

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