Premium Aged Korean BBQ!

We’ve recently been on the search for the best Korean bbq in Cebu. We’ve tried out quite a number of Korean Bbq Restaurants but I believe we’ve found it! (so far)

My family is quite the “night owl” – we’re usually more active during the night and asleep most of the day (well my husband and daughter – I’m awake for work) so we were up and about around 11pm when we decided that we wanted to try out another Korean BBQ. We also thought of wanting to do a bit of grocery and the only grocery store that’s usually open at that time was Wellcome – which is in F. Cabahug, Mabolo and I remembered that there was a Korean BBQ Restaurant at the 2nd floor across it – So it wasn’t hard to decide on it! – and off we went to Kaya Korean BBQ Restaurant Cebu!

Kaya serves Premium Aged Meat – which is awesome and delish! because when it comes to korean BBQ – the tastier the meat – the better!

We Ordered their Pork Belly Samgyupsal and their Korean BBQ Pork (I think?) and it was DELICIOUS! YUMMMM! (Especially the BBQ pork)

Price Range-wise, their dishes run from P300+ and they require at least 2 servings (but of any dish!) to place an order. So at an average you’d be spending around, at least, P600-P700 BUT it’s so worth it!

They’re serving size is pretty great too and considering the quality of meat they serve – It’s really a bang for your buck! and gosh – the side dishes! Unlimited side dishes that can keep you there forever!

My personal side dish fave, other than the lettuce (of course), is their sweet potato – by far, the best sweet potato served in a Korean bbq restaurant!

Other than the glorious food – the other highlights of this restaurant, for me, were :

  1. Wonderful Customer Service – The crew were very accommodating and not intimidating! I had my husband come up, initially, to check if the price was okay and if the place was conducive to bring our 1 year old daughter in and they welcomed him greatly and even offered him a seat while checking out their menu. The entire time, we had 1 waiter who was taking care of us – he was very mindful of our daughter – in a good way, asking us if they wanted to cook the food for us so we could watch our daughter – reminding us to be sure that she doesn’t reach over and touch the grill (’cause it’s super hot!) – which I found very sweet 🙂
  2. Their baby high chairs! – Yup! It was wooden too! (I don’t know about you, but I really like wooden things haha) and it was comfy for my daughter to sit in – not to mention CLEAN! and since the place is greatly air conditioned – she enjoyed her stay there too.
  3. Space! – It was spacious enough not to be too cramped and not rub elbows with other tables and seats – which is a great PLUS for me because I know how restaurants like these tend to try and maximize every inch of space – but sometimes tend to be uncomfortable for the diners.

Check out the video below for a short montage of the food and place 🙂

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Restaurant Name : Kaya Korean BBQ Cebu
Operating Hours : 5PM-6AM Daily
Social Media : facebookInstagram Icon

Written by : Victoria


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