Korean BBQ + Melted Mozzarella Cheese!

Looking for a Cheesy Korean BBQ Experience in Cebu?

Luckily, we found one! 

It was a Saturday night and after watching a 2 day Korean Drama Marathon, I had this huge craving for Korean BBQ and I wanted something cheesy too! So I went to Google to search up the current open Korean BBQ places in Cebu, because it was around 9PM already, and it showed me different options but none that I could bring myself to say “Let’s Go!” Then I remembered – that I actually saw an Instagram Story once of someone who Boomerang’d a Korean BBQ Place with Melted Cheese right down the middle! So I went to my screenshots and Voila! The place was tagged in the Insta Story as “Chun Cheon Sutbul Dak-Galbi” (Like Whoa. Say that again? haha)

So off we were! (Paolo, myself, my sister, and my daughter)

The restaurant nestles in AS Fortuna Mandaue, City, Cebu. Here’s a Photo of the street off from Google Earth Maps.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 5.47.11 PM.png
The store with the Red sign where the White van is at is the restaurant. Image c/o Google

Here’s a link to view google map’s view for a 360 look of the place : Google Earth 360 View

The restaurant is open from 11AM ’til 1AM.

They have 2 options for dining. 1) Tables with seats and, correct me if I’m mistaken, 2) “Sit down” Types of tables (You know the one where you just sit, Japanese style, around the table/Grill). I didn’t take a picture because I really wanted to eat already and we left immediately right after.

When we came in, we were escorted to one of the “sit down” area’s as they saw it was more fitting for us because we had a baby (She’s walking and all so it was definitely more favorable for us since she can roam around in one area while we ear and feed her as well).

The waiter who served us was pretty friendly and informative. I immediately asked for the dish that had the Cheese right down the middle in it and he told us what it was but the cheese was actually just an “add-on”. The dish name was – Chun Cheon Dak-Galbi.

What I found odd though was that, to be able to order that dish and have the Cheese “add-on”, we needed to order 2 servings of it. Apparently, you can’t just order 1 of that. It “has” to be 2 to avail of the Cheese add-on. (I know, I just repeated what I said but I needed to really emphasize on this).

But we were hungry and really wanted to try it so we did. It was PHP350.00 per serving and the Cheese add-on was PHP 200.00. There were other add-ons like Ramen, if you wanted, but we didn’t opt for it. (See below for the add menu pricing)

The dish included Cabbage, Chicken, sweet Potato cuts, and some other veggies in it. We did request for it to NOT be spicy but unfortunately, the sauce that comes with it has some spice to it already but it’s quite mild (for me anyway).

The waiter comes with a fresh plate of the dish and cooks it right in front of you on the grill. He cooks everything but leaves the cheese out for last (which is the best part!)

We also ordered a plate of the Gochu Jang SamGupSal which cost P350.00. I thought they’d give it to us uncooked and we could grill it but they actually cooked it on their own and served it to us cooked. Truthfully, it wasn’t any good. There were burnt parts and it didn’t look like it was much. It looked like grilled Pork belly that had been cooked wrong. It didn’t look good and didn’t taste good.

Cooked Gochu Jang SamGupSal

Their side dishes though were delicious and refillable! (but up to 3 refills, each, only) You could choose from : Cole slaw, A sweet Potato Mash, Kimchi Pancakes, and Kimchi. My personal Fave were the Kimchi Pancakes!

Here’s a view of the other items on their Menu if your interested in trying other food items in the restaurant

Our dining experience, overall, was pretty pleasant. The Chun Cheon Dak-Galbi dish was delicious, especially the melted Mozzarella cheese! And the waiter was nice and attentive towards us so we left happy and our tummies filled.

I’m happy to have tried out their food and if I come back, which is quite likely!, I’ll most likely order the Chun Cheon Dak-Galbi with Cheese again! (And most probably just that).

Hope this helps if you decide to eat there! 🙂 

Mmm! Cheesy Goodness!

Shop Name : Chun Cheon Sutbul Dak-Galbi
Location : AS Fortuna, Mandaue City, Cebu
Operating Hours : 11AM – 1AM Daily
Social Media : facebook

Written by : Victoria

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