6 Tips When Eating out with Baby

Pit Senior! To all who’re celebrating Sinulog in Cebu this weekend!

In this day and age, bringing our kids, even infants, out isn’t a big deal anymore. We even see newborns, literally just days old, in Malls or out of their homes – So Eating out plays a big part when we do go out.

I mean, you know, we all eat.

And eating out can get quite “stressful”, with infants and toddlers, specifically – so here’s my 6 Tips for when eating out with your baby!

Read on for my write up or watch the video 🙂

1) Do your research

Knowing where to go and what kind of restaurant you’re going to be in can be a life saver. If you’re unsure about the restaurant you’ve decided on, whether it’s family friendly or not, then check the web – their website, Facebook, Zomato, TripAdvisor, or any other sites that provide real customer reviews.

You’re going to want to know whether they allow people to smoke inside, serve alcoholic drinks (like if it’s a Pub/Bar) and what kind of customers they attract.

Truth is, restaurant names can be misleading. So if you’re unsure, research!

2) If you’re traveling with your own car, make sure they have Ample parking space.

You know what’s a mood killer? NOT BEING ABLE TO EAT. Nothing says stress more than feeling excited, hyped, and finally getting to eat but arrive and have no parking space to park.

Yeah. Sucks, doesn’t it? So you end up having to go elsewhere and prolonging your hunger.

If it’s a busy day, because of a holiday, or an event in the area you’re going to, be sure you increase your chances of eating soon and go somewhere that offers more than just 2 parking spaces.


You want to make your eating experience comfortable, for both you and your baby, and unless your baby is still an infant (a few weeks old or within the first few months) or still breastfeed’s as a main source of food, let them sit on their own. So that you can properly feed yourself AND your baby.

Sometimes lap seating works, but it can get uncomfortable and you might end up not being able to eat properly.

So ask if they have one and make use of it! (Be sure it’s clean too. It doesn’t hurt to bring extra baby wipes for cleaning – just in case)

4) Stroller Space

If you’re bringing a stroller then make sure the restaurant you’re eating is spacious enough to accommodate it and have it right beside your table.

There are some restaurant’s that ask you to leave it outside because their table setting is quite cramped – but you don’t want to risk your stuff getting stolen now, don’t you?

So as always, do your research. You can always check for photos of the restaurant you want to go in and see if they can accommodate your stroller INSIDE and RIGHT BESIDE YOU.

5) Come prepared with their “favorites”.

Feeding babies can be difficult. In time, we come to find that there are “ways” to “help” feed them.

For me, my daughter eats better when she has something in her hand to play with or hold. Or when she’s watching her nursery rhymes. So I always make sure to bring her teether, a chip, or a toy for her to hold and have her nursery rhymes, downloaded, and readily available on my phone.

As much as we don’t want to “force feed” we have to get them to eat but it doesn’t have to be pain staking. So be prepared for the methods that work with you and your baby to avoid an annoyed and about “to go wild” baby because they refuse to eat.

6) Double up on all your baby essentials/needs.

Eating can get quite “messy” especially with an infant/toddler. So double up on your wipes, baby clothes, bibs, even an extra pair of shoes for them (if they’re walking) because you never know when a “situation” would arise and you DON’T want to be unprepared for that.

So there it is! And Sinulog is right around the corner – tomorrow, actually! So if you’re planning to eat out I hope you remember these 6 tips and that it works for you.

Was this useful for you? share with us your thoughts through the comments section down below!

Written by : Victoria

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