Up at night working at A Plus Coffee

If you’re a work from home parent, work remotely, or just have “bring home” work, @apluscoffeecebu is a great place to finish off work. At night, it’s a calm, quiet, and relaxing place to be to work. ++ Because of their free (when you make a purchase), unlimited wifi!

Order Station
Order Station

I come here every now and then when I need “environmental stimulation” ’cause you know, being at home almost all the time can get draggy at night when I need to be awake because of my online work.

If you’re the type to bring your kid/s with you everywhere (like me) this is a comfy-enough place to be in.

Lounge area

They have ‘bunk’ / ‘quarter’ like spaces which is a great separation where you and your kid/s can lie down, crawl, and/or play. Just be sure you stay at the lower bunks (for safety reasons) and have the spaces where there are stuff toys and bean bag chairs soft enough for them to sit or lay on! (oh! And some wipes and alcohol. You know, to sanitize, ’cause us parents are paranoid like that. Well, at least I am.)

Me in black at the lower left working while nursing my daughter and my older sister at the right (sleeping) with her daughter
Me at the lower left, working while my daughter is asleep on me and my older sister at the lower right, sleeping, with her daughter watching videos

I don’t have much to say about their drinks and food menu. One thing I do like is their Chocolate Latte (Costs P135.00) and their latte art! The drink was served beautifully.

Chocolate Latte (P135.00)

I did try their French fries and Nachos but it wasn’t too good. Fries were too salty and Nachos were pretty stale. But I was in here for a good and comfy work space with good internet which was open ’till the wee hours in the morning and they had what I needed!

The cafe is open from 9AM-3AM and found along AS Fortuna Road. Check out their Facebook page for more details should you be in need 🙂

This is definitely one of my “usual” go to places to work in. 🤗💻

Shop Name : A Plus Coffee n’ Dessert House
Operating Hours : 9AM – 3AM Daily
Social Media : facebookInstagram Icon

Written by : Victoria

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