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I would highly recommend you to sir Froilan to anyone who’s planning to have a pre-birthday shoot for their little one. You can check his facebook page “Froilan Photography“. He has great customer service. The outcome of each photographs was exceptional. He offers affordable price with a quality. Thumbs up Sir Froilan!

-Emily (Instagram: robleems)

November 2017

Photographer | “Affordable price with a quality!”

Sa desserts, specially cake, I recommend Got Cake? By Jia Rodriguez. All time fave. Iyang vanilla cake kay yema ang center filling lami jud kaau hahaha and even if 2 days prior rako ni order kay ma buhat ra gihapon and lami iyang dessert buffet for like kids party.

– Tharra, mommy of 4 ( 2 sets of twins)

Desserts & Cakes | “All time Fave”